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There's a large blank space under the mini carousel under the "Add to cart" button

Wide Hello!

This article explains why you have a large space under your mini carousel underneath your “Add to cart” button.

Here’s what we mean:


This space is normal.

These reviews are all different sizes. Some are longer than others. Here’s what we mean:

WideReview will therefore “reserve” the total amount of space required.

The large space that you see is therefore the space that would be taken up by a longer review of this product. You can try swiping and at some point you’ll see that you have a review that is long enough to fill this entire space.

Potential solution

We can't help but want to change this so that the size is dynamic (instead of preparing the space, we make it larger or smaller as necessary).

The problem, however, is that the site will “jump.”

In fact, if you swipe and suddenly you have a review that is much larger, everything on that page that is underneath will also drop (to leave space).

If the client is browsing through the reviews, this isn't an issue, because they will understand why the whole page scrolls down (to make larger reviews appear).

But because the reviews also change automatically every X seconds, it’s possible that the client, when browsing the site, will see the page automatically scroll up or down up depending on the length of the reviews.

This can be extremely distracting!

To resolve this issue, you can hide reviews that are too long, and you can do this in just the mini carousel! (Go to the tutorial)

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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