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How to show all my reviews on my product pages

Wide Hello! 😁

By default, WideReview will create a carousel on your product pages that will only contain the reviews of the relevant product. But if you want you can display the reviews of your whole shop very easily!

Let's see how to do it 👇

Check whether your theme is a 2.0 theme or an older theme

Shopify has a new theme system. They are called 2.0 themes. And even though this version should become the standard, there are still many themes on the old version.

As this tutorial will change depending on the version of your theme, I invite you to check your theme version.

To do this, it's easy, just read this tutorial: How to find out if you have a 2.0 theme

If you have a 2.0 theme 👇

Open your theme and click on Customize

2 Open your product page

Look for "WideReview Carousel" in the sections on the left and click on it

(If you don't have it you can add the section.

Check "Show all the reviews"

Save and that's it!

If you have an old theme 👇

Open your theme and click on Actions then Edit Code.

Open the file "product.liquid" which is in "Templates".

Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste the following code:

<div id="widereview-module" product-id="[all]"></div>

You need to remove previous WideReview Carousel code if you had added one.

Save and that's it!

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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