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How to add WideReview to your homepage

Wide Hello!

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to add WideReview to your homepage.

You can add reviews in carousel format, or in grid format.

The whole process is as easy as ABC!

Let's get started!

Open your theme editor by clicking on Customize.

Open your homepage.

Click on Add section in the bottom left of your screen.

Search for "WideReview".

Select the section that you would like to have appear.

- Select "WideReview Carousel" to have a carousel appear.

- Select "WideReview Grid" to have the reviews displayed in grid format.

Move WideReview to the desired location.

Click on the newly created section and select the product to which the widget will be attached.

Click on the Show the reviews from all products checkbox if you'd like to display all the reviews of your online shop. (But you still need to select a product to which the widget is linked)

Once you’re happy with the results, click on "Save".

And there you go!

WideReview will now be displayed on your homepage!

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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