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How to change or translate modifiable text in the application

Wide Hello!

This tutorial will show you which text in the application can be changed and how to do so, whether you want to translate certain texts in the application or change the wording.

Let's get started!

Headline and sub-headlines

Click on Settings > Headline & sub-headline.

Using the respective text fields, you can change the headline and the sub-headline that appear on the main carousel or on the reviews in grid format. But you can also change the sub-headline that appears when you still have no reviews (it is different from the main sub-headline).


You can change the text for the "Leave a review" and the "See more" buttons. To do so:

Click on Settings > Buttons.

To change the text, go to the text field for either the "Leave a review" button or the "See more" button and type what you'd like to have instead. (The "See more" button appears when reviews are too long, if you activated this functionality.)

Text for the review form

Under Settings > Rating, in the "Mark" text field, you will see the word that appears after the stars in the review form.

To see the other modifable text in the review form, click on Settings > Review form.

To see a preview of the changes you've made to the text in the review form, click on the “Leave a review” button in the preview as though you were going to leave a review yourself.

For a preview of the text that appears after a review form has been validated, click on the underlined text to the right of Add Review success message.

Verified text

Under each review you have the option to add the text "Verified". Of course, you can change this word in the respective text field.

Click on Settings > Reviews to do so.

And there you go! You now know which texts you can modify in WideReview!

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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