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How to move the WideReview carousel in FastLane editor

Wide Hello!

Do you use Fastlane Editor (French only) and you’d like to move the WideReview carousel?

Find out how right here!

1️⃣ Add a line in Fastlane Editor

Click on the product in Fastlane Editor.

Select the section where you will be displaying WideReview.

Add a new line by selecting "Full 12/12" from the dropdown list and place it where you'd like WideReview to appear.

2️⃣ Add the WideReview code

Click on Edit to add the code.

Click on the 3 vertical points to the right of the editor and then on the “< >” icon to display the code.

Copy the following code:

<div id="widereview-module"></div>

Paste it into the editor and then click on Update.

3️⃣ Modify the design

Click on the Edit icon for the full line.

Check the checkbox beside "Pleine Largeur" (full width) under the Desktop column.


And there you go! WideReview will now appear at the indicated spot.

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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