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Importing reviews from a CSV file

Wide Hello!

WideReview lets you import reviews directly from an existing CSV file.

Here’s how:

1️⃣ Open the page to import the reviews

Go to the page dedicated to importing reviews.

2️⃣ Copy our CSV template

In order to import reviews and so that WideReview is able to recognize them, you have to use our template.

Click on the link for the template.

This will redirect you to a Google Sheets page where you will be able to copy the file to your Google account.

Click on Make a copy in Google Sheets.

3️⃣ Add your reviews to the document

You can start to add your reviews to the document by referring the example shown below.

Column A: Enter your product’s "handle" or ID. (How to find your product ID)
Column B: Enter the rating attributed to the review (from 0 to 5).
Column C: Enter the author of the review.
Column D: Enter the review text.
Column E: Enter the URL of a photo or video associated with the review (optional)
Column F: Enter the word TRUE if you want “Verified” to appear on the review, otherwise, enter FALSE.

4️⃣ Save the file in CSV format

Once you've finished entering your reviews, you have to upload it in CSV format.

For this, click on the File menu.

Then, hover the mouse over Download.

Select Comma-separated values.

5️⃣ Import the document to WideReview

Now that you've downloaded your file, you can import it to WideReview.

Click on the Import CSV file button.

Select your CSV file.

A status bar will appear showing you the import progress when you import your reviews.

If there is something wrong with any of your reviews, the application will inform you.

Here are some errors you might encounter:

Your file is not a CSV file (you did not properly download your reviews).
There’s a problem with your CSV file (the file is corrupted).
Product not found (the handle or ID for the review does not match any products in your online store).
Missing field (you forgot to complete a field, WideReview will let you know which one).
The image or video does not exist (the link is not correct).
The image or video is too large (reduce the file size, which is also essential for optimizing download time)

And there you go! You’ll find the reviews right in your app!

And if some of them were incorrect, you’ll have to re-add them in a new file, and correct the errors!

See you soon!

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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