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Import reviews from AliReviews

Wide Hello!

This article will show you how to import reviews you received via the AliReviews app directly into WideBundle.

This way, you won't lose any of your past reviews.

Unfortunately, there’s no "Export" button in AliReviews, so you have to contact support to get the reviews.

Let's get started!

Go to Ali Reviews.

Click on the Message icon in the bottom right to contact support.

Copy the following message:

Hello, can you please export all my reviews and send them to me as a CSV file? Thank you very much.

And include this in the conversation when you send it.

Wait for their response and discuss as needed to get your CSV file containing all your reviews.

Open WideReview and click on Import reviews.

Go to the "Import from an external app" section and select AliReviews from the dropdown list, then click on Import CSV file.

Wait for the reviews to import and you're all set!

Your reviews will also be on WideReview!

See you soon!

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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