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How to move the stars under your product title

Wide Hello!

By default, WideBundle will place stars that correspond to the rating your product received right underneath your product title.

However, you may not like displaying the stars here. You have the option of displaying them elsewhere, but this will require a bit of coding.

Here’s how:

Open the code for your theme by clicking on Actions and then on Edit code.

Open the file that corresponds to your product page (more specifically, the title of your product).

The file is usually found under Sections > product-template.liquid, but this can vary depending on the theme.

If you move the stars on the product pages

Copy the following code: <div class="widereview-rate"></div>

If you move the stars on the homepage

Copy the following code: <div class="widereview-rate" product-id="PRODUCT_ID"></div>
Replace PRODUCT_ID with the ID of your product, being sure to keep the quotation marks. (How to find your product ID)

Next, place the code in your theme where you’d like the stars to appear.

Click on Update.

And there you go! You've moved the stars!

If you can’t figure out where to place the code, don’t hesitate to contact customer support using the chat functionality right in the app.

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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