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Displaying the reviews in grid on old themes

Wide Hello!

Here is how to show the reviews in grid if you're using an old theme by adding code.

If you're using a new Shopify theme 2.0, you can click here to learn how to display the different WideReview widgets.

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Product Pages

In order to add the reviews in grid to product pages you have to copy the following code:

<div id="widereview-pack"></div>

In your Shopify admin dashboard, click on Online Store > Themes > "..." > Edit code, to open the code of your theme

Open the file you use for product pages in the folders Templates or Sections.

The files are usually called: product.liquid, product-template.liquid, product-page.liquid, product-main.liquid

Paste the code where you want to show the carousel (most of the time at the end of the file)

Click on "Save"

Home Page

In order to add the main carousel to your home page you have to copy the following code:

<div id="widereview-pack" product-id="YOUR_PRODUCT_ID"></div>

Replace YOUR_PRODUCT_ID in the code with the ID of the product whose reviews you want to see. (How to find the ID of my product?)

If you want to display all the reviews of your store you can use this code instead:

<div id="widereview-pack" product-id="[all]" form-product-id="YOUR_PRODUCT_ID"></div>

In your Shopify admin dashboard, click on Online Store > Themes > Customize, to open the theme editor

On the home page of the theme, add a section to add custom HTML (it's usually called Liquid Code or HTML code)

Paste the code in the HTML/Liquid block

Click on "Save"

If you need help you can contact our support by chat directly in WideReview's app dashboard.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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